My adventure always lead me to some extraordinary encounters. 

Although in todays world, their story is not always a fairy tale.

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Every year a small herd of the threatened wood Bison in northern British Columbia suffer from road collision.When winter arrives, sometimes the snow is so deep the Wood Bison herds that inhabit the forest along the Alaska Highway tend to use the free-of-snow highway to move from one grazing area to another. Their journey is difficult, and many bison will succumb to the traffic. 

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The incredible phenomenal grizzly bear staying out to feed on salmon by subzero temperature.

The Lower Pitt River

Since 2020, I have been documenting more than 200Ha of a little paradise that I call home since than.

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Out of this world

Nortwestern Salamander

& Barred Owl

In 2021 while we were still under Covid travel restrictions 

I ve pass a few weeks following the northwestern salamanders while their were incubating their eggs in the north shore mountain of Vancouver, BC. 

Canadian Reinder

Following the Canadian Reinder herder Tony Lallonte and Lawrence Amos into their daily life to observe the largest free range herd of reinder in North America