Out of this world

Nortwestern Salamander

& Barred Owl

In 2021 while we were still under Covid travel restrictions 

I ve pass a few weeks following the northwestern salamanders while their were incubating their eggs in the north shore mountain of Vancouver, BC. 

In early July 2021, British Columbia experienced a suddent heat wave. 

I believe this suddent change and increase in their water temperature have give a little push to thoses creature to get out of their cocoon.

However in a following days I noticed that a few didn’t had the right amount of force to extract themselves out of the mass as they were not really ready to get out, this, resulting in a few salamander continuing to grow in their egg while staying stuck in the mass.

Later on, I noticed that an adult salamander were staying and investigating the different masses, they were carving into the mass to deliver everyone stuck. 

It was fascinating to see thoses beautiful bird fishing as you dont see them everyday near the water.