Part of the Canadian History, In the late 30s, The Inuvialuit of the Mackenzie Delta faced desperation, Caribou had dwindled.

Canadian Government made import 3000 reindeers from Alaska to help the local community.

They are today mixed with the Ground Barren caribou Herd.

In 2017, I had the opportunity to help working into the inuvaluit community, from there i have been following the herd for a few weeks with a mobile camp in the tundra.

It have been a once in a lifetime experience.

Following a new campaign from WWF-Canada about the importance of the conservation of the Caribou, they include some of my footages taken during this journey into their video as well as using one as establishing shots for their series.

Roaming Caribou
Chief and Tony, friends, but also my guide as they know their land pretty well
Not dead yet.
Our mobile camp
Heading back
Spotting the dinner
Ptarmigan flock away, A few of them made our dinner when we went back at camp
Classic evening view from the camp
keep the skin stretch
Dripping heart
what s underneath
Inside our cozy camp
Our left fuel tank
Warming up the skidoo before heading back to camp, it was 11 PM, in may, still -22 C
A red fox strolling on sunset
A pingo, interresting ice formation, unique to this region
Last view on the herd
Blue hours