Geoffrey Reynaud

About Me

I produce special effects for the cinema industry as a versatile Fx artist/TD  and from more recently as lead with 10+ years CG industry experience in commercials, animation and live action feature film. Driven by my passion to increase my skills as a fx artist and my sensitive eye, i have a strong focus for learning new techniques and tricks. I get along well within a team and always try to support and bring efficiency to the projects during the production process. When not working I travel with a camera, and wherever I am and whatever I am doing, I will try to capture the beauty of nature all around me and here now, I will share it in an artistic expression.

So what drives me is having lots of art, hiking, adventure, climbing, dream, joke... those inspiring things in life that make my time on this earth very interesting.


WWF, Canadian Geographic, The Guardian, DailyMail, Scientific American, NatGeoYourShots, The Times, MentalFloss, Canadian Wildlife Federation, Yukon Travel, Canadian Wildlife Magazine,  ...

Awards and Contest photo status

2021 - NatureTTL - shortlisted

2021 - Canadian Geographic - Photo of the Year

2021 - The Motif Collective - Honorable Mention

2020 - Canadian Wildlife Federation - Runner Up

2020 - Montier Photo Festival - shortlisted

2018 - London Gallery - Winner