About Him

Geoffrey Reynaud is based in Vancouver, Canada.

He is working as a special effects artist for the cinema industry.

For more than a decade, he has created CGI special effects and helped on several productions to bring movies alive. His background experience included several work in commercials, animation, TV shows and live action feature film.

On his spare time, he has pursued his passion for photography and documentary filmmaking putting all his professional background in cinema to produce unique perspectives while capturing the moment and telling the stories of the wild natural world that inspire him so much.

Over the years, he has received awards and honorable mentions in photography competitions nationally and internationally.

He has taken his passion across the world, documenting species and providing visuals to non-profit organizations.

He always aims to create a powerful image which hopefully will help to influence positive environmental change.


The Narwhal, WWF, Canadian Geographic, Raincoast Conservation Fundation, The Guardian, DailyMail, Nature Conservancy Canada, Scientific American, NatGeo YourShots, Yukon Travel, The Times, Canadian Wildlife Magazine...

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Photography Awards


- Golden Turtle - 3rd Place in Human Nature Interaction

- Nature Photographer of the Year -

Highly Commended

- NatureInFocus - Honorable Mention

- Oasis Photo Contest - Honorable Mention in Storyboard

- IPA - 3rd place in Press Environmental 


- NatureInFocus - Jury Selection (x3)

- NatureTTL - Winner Camera trap Category and highly commended in small world

- Budapest photo festival - Winner and Honorable Mention

- Golden Turtle - Honorable Mention

- National Wildlife Federation - Honorable Mention

- Canadian Wildlife Federation - Grand Winner Runner Up


- Mont Photo - Honorable Mention

- Golden Turtle - 3rd place in New Technology + 2 images with Honorable Mention in Animal Portrait 

- NatureTTL - shortlisted

- Canadian Geographic - Photo of the Year

- The Motif Collective - Honorable Mention


- Canadian Wildlife Federation - Runner Up

- Montier Photo Festival - shortlisted

2018 - London Gallery - Winner